Prize Claim Scam

Some disturbing news via Emma Gallagher (@emstargally)

There is a spate of prize stealing going on at the moment on Twitter (and maybe elsewhere). It is a devious con whereby someone spots a winner announcement and tries to claim the prize pretending to be the winner.

It seems to work like this:

  1. Someone asks as many promoters to follow them as they can.
  2. When the promoters announce a winner, the fake person changes their Twitter account to look as much like the winner as they can. They change their bio, their name and pictures to match the winner.
  3. Because they had asked the promoter to follow earlier; they DM the promoter and give their details as if they are the winner.

What can you do? If you spot any odd behaviour contact the promoter and report the fake account to Twitter. Make sure you check your notifications and DMs and claim prizes as quickly as you can.

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